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Alimony is a fluid and ever-changing area of family law. In Massachusetts, alimony reform has been a hot-button topic — both before and after the Alimony Reform Act became effective in 2012. Spousal support matters involve a complex interplay among the length of the marriage, the ages of the parties going through divorce, the relative contributions of the parties to the marriage, and an evaluation of the ability of each divorcing spouse to maintain a lifestyle similar to that during the marriage.

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A divorcing couple may enter into a negotiated alimony agreement, or place an alimony dispute in the hands of the judge to determine or waive alimony altogether. The lawyers at Nigro, Pettepit & Lucas, LLP, understand that like any dispute in divorce, the subject of alimony can be contentious. Our goal is to fashion legal strategies to guard the rights of our clients.

Under current law, Massachusetts has four categories of spousal support:

  • General term alimony: This type is essentially intended to provide support for an economically dependent spouse.
  • Rehabilitative alimony: This type is intended to provide support for a shorter amount of time for a spouse expected to become economically self-sufficient in a measurable amount of time.
  • Reimbursement alimony: This type is aimed at compensating a spouse in a short-term marriage for contribution to the marriage that provided benefit to the payor spouse such as enabling educational opportunities.
  • Transitional alimony: This type is to provide economic resources to a spouse after a short marriage to allow the person to make adjustments in lifestyle or location after the divorce.

Our basic philosophy is that resolving family law disputes through effective negotiation is often the most empowering and cost-effective route to resolution. Our lawyers are problem solvers. However, opposing parties do not always want to resolve a dispute without litigation. When a matter cannot be resolved without trial, our attorneys are well-prepared and will fight zealously to protect the rights of our clients.

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