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Estate And Trust Administration

We understand that experiencing the death of a loved one is difficult and can be devastating. The added burden of needing to administer the Estate can be overwhelming, especially when the person called upon to shoulder the responsibility is the very person most affected by the loss. At Nigro, Pettepit & Lucas, LLP our goal is to provide caring and supportive services to ease this burden and to offer guidance throughout the probate and administration process.

The probate and trust laws of Massachusetts underwent a complete overhaul in 2012 with the implementation of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (“MUPC”) and the Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code (“MUTC”). In the time since implementation, there has been little development of case law interpreting the nuances of the rules.

At NPL, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through these new requirements from start to finish. Before the laws were implemented, our attorneys were involved in teaching the MUPC and MUTC to other attorneys across the state, and therefore, are well versed in the nuances of the new procedures. We routinely represent Personal Representatives and Trustees throughout all aspects of the administration process to ensure that estate procedures are handled correctly, efficiently and with as little stress as possible. For those clients who seek to undertake the administration process on their own, we also act as a resource on an as-needed basis.

In addition, we provide counsel that not only addresses the immediate administrative issues, but also the long-term planning that helps beneficiaries, including disclaimers and post-mortem planning to save income tax and estate tax for beneficiaries.

Our estate and trust administration services include:

  • Preparing and filing court pleadings to appoint you as Personal Representative (formerly, Executor) of the Estate
  • Utilizing simplified probate procedures, when possible
  • Giving proper notice to heirs, devisees and interested parties of the Estate
  • Marshaling and valuing the assets of the Estate at date of death and at the alternate valuation date
  • Preserving and insuring estate assets
  • Paying proper debts
  • Ensuring compliance with all tax filings, including estate tax returns (Forms 706 and M-706) and fiduciary returns (Form 1041) 
  • Post-mortem estate planning
  • Assisting with selling and distributing estate property, including real estate
  • Preparing Inventories and Accounts
  • Distributing the assets of the estate under the terms of the will or under the Probate Code 
  • Clearing title to real estate
  • Decanting
  • Non-judicial settlements
  • Termination
  • Removal and Appointment of Trustees

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